April 17, 2014

the bond between sisters is amazing

I love the bond between Beyonce and Solange. I thought it was so adorable when Beyonce popped up on stage while Solange was performing at Coachella. Their bond, love, and support for one another reminds me of my sister and me. Thank God for sisters.

Beyonce Carter and Solange Knowles at Coachella 2014

April 15, 2014

bookworm promo: exposed anthology is now available

Exposed Anthology
Woo hoo! This is real! 10 full length romance novels all in one place by 10 bestselling authors. 

Brooke Cumberland - Spark
Erika Ashby - Moving Forward
J.S. Cooper - The Last Boyfriend
J.L. Berg - When You're Ready
Mia Sheridan - Stinger
Harper Sloan - Axel
Adriane Leigh - Wild
Kasey Millstead - Cowboy Town
MJ Carnal - Taming the Bachelor
Kimberly Lauren - Beautiful Broken Rules 

This anthology will only be available for 10 DAYS starting April 15, 2014! Make sure you one-click it before this exclusive, limited time offer goes away! You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble $0.99. Also, be sure to add this book on Goodreads

Here is more information for all 10 books and the talented authors behind them:

bookworm cover reveal: dominate by sexxa kohl

Dominate by Sexxa Kohl
Sexy sexy! This cover for Dominate by Sexxa Kohl is muy caliente, and I love it.

Here is a little bit about the book:

At Club Climax, men get more than they bargain for when they ask for me. Behind those doors, I don’t submit… I dominate. Men love it when I overpower them, when I take control. Some pay me obscene amounts to whip and degrade them, all to fulfill their own sick preverbal pleasures. But truth be told, it fulfills mine too. Every lash I deliver, every harsh action or word is for the girl that once had no control. The girl I will never be again. Not for anyone.

Being on the run, I can’t trust anyone. It’s the only way I can keep us safe. That’s right... us. When I walk out these club doors, I become someone else. I become Mommy. One thing is for sure, I will stop at nothing to protect him.

But sometimes the danger finds you, no matter how much you run, no matter how well you hide. My name is Devyn Wilder, but you know me as Honey. And this is my very fucked up story.

P.S. Before there was Dominate, there was Climax. See my review here! Oh and don't forget to add this book on Goodreads!

Btw...This steamy cover was designed by Melissa Gill. Great job Melissa! 

Get to know Sexxa Kohl: Sexxa Kohl is a sexy sassy Southern bitch who ADORES sex. DUH! Her favorite hobbies include burning up the sheets with her delicious husband, achieving multiple screaming orgasms in new and unusual places, and flashing her tits to the world. She proudly admits to having a tiny bit of male eye candy addiction (Okay, she’s a total man- candy whore). Sexxa both embraces and expresses her natural sexuality fully in her writing. It is her dream to one day stage a massive intervention for the boring prudes of the world that believe the missionary position is erotic.  “SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY” she screams!Sexxa resides in Nashville with her husband and their massive collection of sex toys.  She aspires to spice up your world and dampen your panties. You can stalk her on: Facebook (Personal)/Facebook (Fan Page)/Twitter/Email.

April 14, 2014

bloggers got style too! (april 6 - april 12)

I love a good casual chic look and a glamorously preppy one too! This week I've found 10 fashion bloggers who are the epitome of effortlessly cool style.

Please enjoy my favorite peacocks!


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