September 26, 2014

my answer to carrie: when it comes to bags, men, and cities, is it really really whats outside that counts?


Yes! Yes! Yes! I want it all. I need it all. Brains and beauty. Substance and splendor.

Who wants an Idris with no brain? Who wants a city with no culture? Who wants a bag that serves no purpose? No one I tell you. No one.

Carrie, since we’re not superficial girls, we both know that what’s on the inside matters just as much as what’s on the outside. Or so they say? LOL!

The real question should be why must we pay so much for the substance? Why do we have to kiss so many toads to find our prince? Why do we pay for the culture? And why does my LV cost so much? These are the real questions particularly in fashion.

Let’s just be honest, my fashion truths are inspired by the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Lucky, and I hardly ever see anything priced under $100.

Translation = No ads for Forever 21, H&M, Zara, TopShop, ASOS, etc….

Second translation = Most things I covet are high-end. Why? Because Vogue told me so. Because Harper’s Bazaar photographed it. Because Elle mentioned it. Because Lucky styled it.

September 25, 2014

bookworm promo: unclaimed by laurie wetzel

Here is a little bit about the book :

Abandoned by her birth parents and ignored by her adoptive family, Maddy Page believes she is unlovable. She only allows herself to dream of falling in love. That changes when she meets MJ; handsome and kind, MJ penetrates Maddy's defenses. Maddy soon finds herself confiding in MJ like she has with no one else, revealing secrets even her closest friends don't know. He makes her feel safe--a feeling she's never experienced except in her dreams.

When Maddy witnesses MJ disappear and reappear in thin air, she realizes she might have been wrong about him. He could be dangerous--maybe even a killer. Determined to uncover the truth of who--or what--MJ is, Maddy ignores her instinct to run. But she soon realizes that getting close to MJ could cost more than a broken heart--it could cost Maddy her soul.

You can but this book on Amazon / Kobo / Copia / iBooks / Scribd.

And here's an excerpt just for you:

 “Now say if you had changed even one of those things, your destiny would be completely different.”

I know which fork I would choose to redo if I could. It’s the same one I’ve regretted time and time again. If I could go back, I would have never rejected his first kiss.

Damien smiles. “Say, for example, this alternate-reality dream of yours is one where we kissed the first night. Everything would have been different between us. However, it is because you rejected my kiss that I looked at you differently. It is because you were sent away that I missed you. It is because you were promised to another man that I came there that night, which ultimately led to us being together now. As much as I wished we had kissed the first night, I am glad we did not. I, for one, like this path much better.”

September 24, 2014

welcome to the wonderful world of pinterest

Happy Wednesday! It's time to explore the wonderful world of Pinterest with me! Join me on Pinterest!

bookworm cover reveal: uncover me by chelle bliss

Here is a little bit about the book:

I lost track of my life.

Spiraling down the rabbit hole, I lost myself and became one of them. Living undercover within the MC, the days bled together as I became absorbed in a life of excess and violence.

Becoming consumed was easy.

Was I Thomas Gallo, good guy and respected cop or Blue, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Sun Devils MC?

Before, I could answer with certainty. But now, there’s a darkness that has settled deep in my soul, fusing with my heart and altering my reality forever.

The road I’ve traveled has been paved with danger, death, and deception.

Roxanne grew up as part of the MC, a victim of her birth. Her life has been treacherous, setting her on a course of torment and destruction.

When our worlds collide, secrets are revealed. Trying to save us from damnation, I fight for redemption and the woman I love.

P.S. This is the fifth book in the Men of Inked Series,  and you can find it on Goodreads. Check them all out! must read them in order. 

September 23, 2014

hello fall

Welcome to the first day of Fall! Oh, how I've missed you. Between you and me, it's almost like you never left or should I say like you've been here for awhile. Either way, I'm glad to see you. I have so much to get done in the last few months of the year. So in true Kanae fashion, I'm writing a to do list.

1. Go see the Black Swan at the Roosevelt Theater
2. Read the Wisdom Books of the Bible
3. Finish up my book
4. Go to a fashion show
5. Finish The Secret
6. Run a 5k
7. Go to a football game
8. Go to a Bulls game
9. Try out Kindle Unlimited
10. Reorganize my closet
11. Donate to the Ronald McDonald House
12. Volunteer with the bookworms
13. Try 3 new restaurants
14. Buy a Christmas tree on Black Friday
15. Buy some cute tights
16. Go to the spa
17. Write a love letter
18. Take a fashion illustration class
19. Buy 10 new work staples
20. Try something pumpkin flavored
21. Play in the leaves with the dogs
22. Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
23. Take LSAT
24. Try apple cider for the first time
25.  Try to make jambalaya

P.S. Check out my 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days List too.


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