August 29, 2014

p.s. alpha billionaire by helen cooper is now out

FYI.....You should pick up this book. 

Here is a little bit about the book:

Alpha Billionaire is a sexy, thrilling and jaw-dropping three part novella serial. 

It was only meant to be one night. 

Evie Johnson was doing her best friend a favor when she agreed to work a bachelor party as a dancer. She hadn't expected to meet a man like Grant Slate. A man so handsome and cocky that she couldn't help but be attracted to him when he asked for a dance. 

And when he asked her for a private dance, she didn't want to say yes, but she couldn't stop herself. Before she knew it, she was being whisked off to his private mansion and entering his home for one night of passion. 

Only Evie had no idea what she was getting herself into. Grant Slate was not the man he'd appeared to be at the club. He wanted more from her than one night of passion. He was a man with secrets so deep and dark that Evie was unsure just what she was going to do. 

From the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Ex Games comes a new hot serial called Alpha Billionaire.

You can pick this book up on Amazon right now! It's only 0.99. 

P.S. I'll update this post with a review in the near future because I have to read this. =)

August 28, 2014

p.s. have you seen beyonce on the cover of cr fashion book (issue 5)?

CR Fashion Book Featuring Beyonce (Issue 5)

Loves!!!!!!!!!!! Queen B aka Yonce aka Mrs. Carter aka Beyonce cover the semi annual CR Fashion Book (Issue 5).  Loving the imagery and the styling. Kudos to Pierre Debusschere (Photography) and Riccardo Tisci (Guest Creative Director). Job Well Done! The cover is flawless. 

CR Fashion Book Featuring Beyonce (Issue 5)CR Fashion Book Featuring Beyonce (Issue 5)

a throwback to my schoolgirl crush

Back to School Must Haves

This time of year always reminds of me of being so excited to head back to school. I used to love to be fresh on the first day of school. My favorite things to have were backpacks, sneakers, varsity jackets, watches, and purses. Clearly, I've always been about my fashion. My accessories were always important to me. My first purses was a Coach purse, and  my favorite varsity jacket was my sorority jacket. My favorite sneakers were Coach too, and Eddie Bauer always had my money. Everyone at my high school had an Eddie Bauer bookbag. The good old days. I can't believe its been 14 years since I graduated from high school, and 10 years since I graduated from college. That good ol' Biology degree was earned. LOL! 

Throwback song of the day comes from my crush Tony Thompson aka Hi-Five:

August 27, 2014

welcome to the wonderful of pinterest

Happy Wednesday! It's time to explore the wonderful world of Pinterest with me! Join me on Pinterest!

August 26, 2014

bookworm review: reasonable doubt volume 3 by whitney g.

Addiction (n): an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something.


#1 Feeling that you have to have it
#2 Making certain that you maintain some form of contact
#3 Doing things to obtain it that you normally wouldn't do
#4 Focusing more and more time and energy on getting it

With that being said, I’m pretty sure that I am addicted to reading about Andrew Hamilton and Aubrey Everhart. Let’s see, ever since I read the last page of Volume 2, I’ve had strong feelings that I needed more. I definitely emailed Whitney to see how she was doing so that I could get a status update. I’ve been stalking her Facebook Fan Page repeatedly for teasers. I damn near fainted when the release date and prologue were revealed. As August 26th approached, I became more and more focused on the release date of Volume 3. So there you have it, I’m addicted, which is probably why I joined Andrew's Addicts. Looks like I'm not the only one.

And when I finally got my hands on it, I jumped up and down. I did a cartwheel. THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING I NEEDED IT TO BE.  It was longer. It was more Andrew. It was more Aubrey. It was more of the filthy mouth that I adore so much. More dancing. More f—king. More of everything.

For me, Vol. 3 perfectly wrapped up this story. Did they get their Happily Ever After? Read it and find out. I will tell you that you find out more about Emma. More about the scandal that took his life away from him in New York. More about his traitorous ex-best friend. More about Ava and her treacherous ways. P.S. You were right in thinking she was a filthy whore. I’m so glad she was sent to jail. SHE DESERVED IT.  

Volume 3 gave you some background on Andrew that will have you gasping and screaming WTF!  And thanks to the background, I fell in love with him a little more, and now we officially go together. LOL!

The back and forth banter between Aubrey and Andrew continued in this book, and it was still adorable. I still lived for their email exchanges, and the subjects were always priceless like his email to her with the subject “I Miss Your P---y.” HA!


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