April 24, 2015

fab 5 friday

I'm all about that comfort look. Nothing too tight. Nothing too restricting. I've been a casual chic chick since forever, and this week I've dedicated my 5 pics to comfort chic looks.

Fab 5 Friday

1. I love dresses with no shapes. I feel no pressure when I wear them. I can eat whatever I want, and be as bloated as I want. =) 
2. Oh, I'm loving tropical prints this spring so you know that I love this tropical print jumper from J. Crew.
3. And my new favorite twist on the blue jean jacket is the blue jean vest
4. Judge me all you want, but I really want some Birkenstocks. They look so comfy.
5. This chambray joggers look so comfy from Baukjen.

April 23, 2015

bookworm review: that night with my boss by j.s. cooper

 that night with my boss by j.s. cooper
Four Words..... Can't Wait For More

This prequel novella was a quick read that left me anxiously awaiting the May 16th release of the full novel, Falling For My Boss.

Oh Scott! Oh Elizabeth! Who knew that one date with a stranger could lead to an amazing night of sex.

I can't wait to see what happens next. Who knew Scott had it in him to be sex on wheels? That's definitely not the impression I got from him in the other books, but I definitely loved this version of him!

YES! YES! YES! I can't wait to see what flirtatious, minds games they play with each other and how much incredible sex they have in Falling For My Boss.

You can read this novella for free on Amazon right now.

Here is a little bit about the book: 

Can one passionate night change everything? 

"Scott Taylor is a Sex God." That's what Elizabeth Jeffries told her best friend Lacey, the moment after she laid eyes on him. It wasn't just because his azure blue eyes seemed to pierce her soul, or the fact that his dark silky hair drew her fingers in like a magnet. It wasn't even that he smelled like sex on the beach on a cool balmy night or the fact that when he grabbed her around the waist and drew her to him, she lost her breath. No, those weren't the only reasons why Elizabeth called Scott a sex god. They weren't even the reasons why she decided to spend the night with him. Or the reasons why she decided to accept the one job that would change her life and complicate everything they had. 

No, the fact that Scott Taylor was a Sex God was the reason she was drawn to him, but the reason why she stayed was a whole lot more complicated. 

NOTE: This novella is a free steamy prequel to the full-length standalone novel Falling For My Boss, that will be released on May 16th. It will also be included Falling For My Boss when it is released, so you can read it first as a free download or you can read it as part of the novel on release day. 

April 22, 2015

fab pins of the week

1. I randomly found this blog, Scout The City, and now its one of my favorites. Partially because of this mommy and daughter matching overrall look
2. Seeing these backstage pictures of Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2016 Bridal Collection makes me want to get married all over again, but this time in Oscar. Gasp!
3. Hello! My sweet tooth is calling you! These snicker cupcakes look yummy!
4. Congratulations to my model crush, Joan Smalls, on landing the May 2015 Cover of Lucky.
6.Yes, as my AKAversary slowly approaches, I am obsessed with all things pink.
7. Friends forever! I love my BFF, and I can't wait to meet my nephew! 

April 21, 2015

bookworm review: without me by chelle bliss

without me by chelle bliss
I’d led a selfish existence.
I liked who I was. Hell, I loved myself.

Women threw themselves at me and I took what they offered without remorse. I promised them nothing.
I sank my teeth into life, holding on to the bitch like my very existence depended on it.

Time passed.

Women came and went.
The second I let my guard down and released the hold I had on life… What was my award for such carelessness?

A love so spectacular and heart wrenching that it threw me for a loop. When I was in too deep to escape, my greatest fears became reality.

This is my story.  My downfall.  My salvation.

You can buy this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble iTunes, and Kobo.

My Review:

(Insert tear drop) This is the last book in the Men of Inked Series, and Chelle Bliss went out with a bang ending the story with oldest Gallo brother, Anthony.

I’ve always been interested in the sex-crazed, anti-love brother. I always wondered would he find his match, and thanks to Chelle Bliss just like his sister, Izzy, he finally did.

April 20, 2015

bookworm review: closer by kaia bennett

closer by kaia bennett
After a whirlwind week of hot sex and growing affection, Nicole and Gabriel were forced to part ways and to return to real life. For a while they danced around each other, meeting up when they could, the distance between them rivaled only by their desire to be together again.

Now these lovers are no longer star-crossed. They’re in the same city at the same time and can finally indulge their insatiable passion. At least until Gabriel’s increasingly popular band goes on tour.

But the ticking clock of his budding music career isn’t the only obstacle to contend with. A blast from Gabriel’s wild past, a guy that kept Nicole warm in Gabriel’s absence, and fear of what the future holds all converge just as they’ve begun to realize this might be love…

Author's Note: This book contains strong language and sexual content with dark elements, some of which readers may find uncomfortable.

You can purchase this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords. Oh, and Goodreads too!

My Review:


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