August 21, 2014

most people don't know this but.....

#1 I'm obsessed with moto jackets but still don't own one.
#2 I love being sneaky.
#3 I'm seriously crushing on booties for this fall.
#4 I feel most comfy in geek chic attire.
#5 I want to shine bright like a diamond.
#6 I need some new pumps. (I really don't have that many).
#7 Animal print makes me feel wild!!
#8 I would kill for a pair of leather pants.  (OK that's a bit extreme)
#9 I really really want to cheat on my skinny jeans with a pair of boyfriend jeans.
#10 I need more blazers ASAP!

My Shopping List for the Week

August 20, 2014

welcome to the wonderful world of pinterest

Happy Wednesday! It's time to explore the wonderful world of Pinterest with me! Join me on Pinterest!

August 18, 2014

the september issue (models only)

Congratulations to my model crush, Joan Smalls, my eyebrow crush, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss on landing the most coveted, most epic cover of the year, The September Issue of Vogue.

No celebrities this year. Models only.

The September Issue of Vogue + Supermodels = MUST GET ASAP!

Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss Cover The September Issue of Vogue

Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss Cover The September Issue of Vogue

Keep reading for a behind the scene look at this cover...

bloggers got style too! (august 10 - august 16)

Please enjoy my favorite peacocks of the week....

Stripes and Sequins (fashion blogger)
Stripes and Sequins

Dress Me Perfect (fashion blogger)
Dress Me Perfect

Loving-Evelyn (Fashion Blogger)

Sage + Sparkle (Fashion Blogger)
Sage + Sparkle

Hallie Daily (fashion blogger)
Hallie Daily

August 15, 2014

my gratitudes

Pearls and Peacocks

1. I am grateful that I can see the forest for the tress. That with age came my ability to no longer be myopic.At the ripe age of 32, I must think more and more about my future. Not just the present. 
2. I am grateful for my friends. They're so awesome. They're so freaking awesome.
3. I am grateful that this work week is over. YES! 


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