April 1, 2015

bookworm cover reveal: just say when by kaylee ryan

just say when by kaylee ryanSaving myself for marriage, not hardly.
Saving myself for someone who will make my heart race, most definitely.

In theory it's a good plan, however even the best-laid plans fall through. Seeing him, being around him, alerts all my senses and I dream about being his, wrapping myself in his arms and never letting go. The only problem – he sees me as his sister.

My name's Ava Evans and I'm in love with my older brother's best friend, Nate Garrison. 

Burying myself in work for the past two years, avoiding any thought of her, has worked, until now. She's everywhere, in my dreams, in my gym, and in my heart. I'm not sure when I fell in love with Ava Evans, but I am completely in love with my best friends baby sister.

At first she was too young for me and that made it easy to stay away. Now, it's a struggle to keep my distance.

How am I supposed to resist her when I can’t escape her? If he ever found out, it would ruin our friendship. Even with that knowledge all she would have to do is...

Just Say When.

Release Date: May 5th

P.S. There's a giveaway too. To enter, click here!

fab pins of the week

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Shoe Trends#tidalforall Jay Z Madonna Danger Mouse Kanye West J.ColeReasonable Doubt Vol 1 by Whitney G.DIY Closet IdeasSpring Bucket ListHealthy SnacksLive With No Regrets Quote

1. YES! I was just looking for some new shoes to add to my drab collection. Hopefully this Ultimate Guide to Spring Shoes will help.
2. Did you watch the press conference for Tidal? Are you curious? I'm waiting to hear the reviews first. Jay Z brought out the big guns for the press conference. Beyonce, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Chris Martin, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, and more.
3. Wow! I can't believe that my favorite book, Reasonable Doubt (Vol. 1) by Whitney G. is a year old. To celebrate, its free this week. Go buy it now.
4. Spring is here, and what do I need to do? Reimagine my closet! Thank goodness for these closet inspirations that I can emulate.
5. Do you have a Spring bucket list? I need to work on mine. For now, I'll just look at this one.
6. Trying to find healthy ways to snack? Try these substitutes.
7. Just remember to live with no regrets.

March 31, 2015

release day blitz: closer by kaia bennett (plus chapter 1)

closer by kaia bennett
After a whirlwind week of hot sex and growing affection, Nicole and Gabriel were forced to part ways and to return to real life. For a while they danced around each other, meeting up when they could, the distance between them rivaled only by their desire to be together again.

Now these lovers are no longer star-crossed. They’re in the same city at the same time and can finally indulge their insatiable passion. At least until Gabriel’s increasingly popular band goes on tour.

But the ticking clock of his budding music career isn’t the only obstacle to contend with. A blast from Gabriel’s wild past, a guy that kept Nicole warm in Gabriel’s absence, and fear of what the future holds all converge just as they’ve begun to realize this might be love…

Author's Note: This book contains strong language and sexual content with dark elements, some of which readers may find uncomfortable.

You can purchase this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. You can also find it on Goodreads!

P.S. Closer is the follow-up to #1 Crush. You must read that book first.

P.S.S. This release day blitz was organized by IndieSage PR.

Keep reading for Chapter 1.....

March 26, 2015

bookworm review: night shift (dirty things happen in the dark)

Night Shift: Dirty Things Happen In The Dark Book Review #books #bookreview
Night Shift is now available
6 NEW novellas -- Never Before Released
100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity

Summer in the Big Easy is hot. Inside Tulane Medical Center the temperature is on the rise.

A doctor nursing a broken heart. A wounded warrior with no interest in love. A single father finding the girl who got away. A combat nurse trying to adjust to civilian life. Two lost souls looking for love. A former detective looking for answers and an FBI agent who finds more than he bargains for.

Desire. Lust. Excess. New Orleans will never be the same.

Six never before released stories that will leave you breathless.

Dirty things happen in the dark. 

You can purchase this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes

My Review:


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