January 30, 2015

fab 5 friday

Fab 5 Fridays

Hope you had a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Have you heard Meghan Trainor's album? Awesomesauce....

2. Aren't these Broken-in-Boyfriend Jeans from J.Crew a must have? I think so too.

3. P.S. I really want these metallic loafers. Too haute!

4. I have my eye on a varsity jacket, and this Tommy Hilfiger might just be it.

5. I want a wool hat. Blame it on Beyonce. LOL!

P.S.S. Enjoy the Superbowl! I can't wait to see Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz perform and all of those overpriced commercials. BTW..I'm rooting for Seattle.

January 29, 2015

welcome to the wonderful world of pinterest

1. First Pin I Saw When I Logged In: 30 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf
2. Most Recent Pin: Bloggers Got Style Too!
3. Something Accessory Related: Dylanlex Necklace (Ash)
4. Something Fashion Related: John Legend Chrissy Teigen GQ 
5. Something Bookworm Related: Turbulence by Whitney G. Book Teaser
6. Something Inspirational: Let's Start The Journey
7. My Love Affair With J & K: Kim Kardashian Cara Delevingne Love

bookworm review: just one sip by scarlett dawn

Just One Sip by Scarlett Dawn
I read Just One Sip in a few hours, and I’m on the fence about whether or not I liked this book. I never really connected with Lucy or Jet. More so Jet though. His one admirable trait was his everlasting love for Lucy. He waited for her, waited for the love of his life to finally become his wife. How cute. I love a story about best friends falling in love with each other.

Random: I think the fact that Jet had blue hair was a turn off, and quite possibly the reason why I found him to be unattractive.

Anywho, Lucy was okay. I liked that she took time to explore herself before committing herself to Jet.

The cutest part about this story was reading about them as kids and seeing their mothers' helping hands in their love lives.

My ratings: 3.5 stars

Time it took to read: A few hours

If you are looking for a quick read about best friends who are in love with each other, this is for you. You may fall in love with Jet and with the story more than I did so give it a chance.

P.S. I was given this book in exchange for my reviews.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

bookworm cover reveal: turbulence by whitney g

turbulence by whitney g book cover
Fuck me recklessly
Kiss me harder.
Take me again and again…

He and I met under a cloud of clich├ęs:
Boy meets girl. Boy charms girl. Boy fucks girl.
Our story was supposed to end right after the orgasms, right after we went our separate ways.

But then we saw each other again…
And neither of us could walk away.

Our rules were simple.
Our passion was scandalous.
Our hearts were supposed to be safe…

But when you find something so all-consuming—something so intoxicating and inescapable, you’ll risk everything you’ve ever had, even if you’re destined to crash and burn.

This is us.
This is our messed up love.
This is turbulence.

You can add this book on Goodreads

P.S. Is my favorite author, and you can find her on  Facebook Goodreads / Pinterest

January 28, 2015

bookworm review: uncover me by chelle bliss

I lost track of my life.

Spiraling down the rabbit hole, I lost myself and became one of them. Living undercover within the MC, the days bled together as 
I became absorbed in a life of excess and violence.

Becoming consumed was easy.

Was I Thomas Gallo, good guy and respected cop or Blue, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Sun Devils MC?

Before, I could answer with certainty. But now, there’s a darkness that has settled deep in my soul, fusing with my heart and altering my reality forever.

The road I’ve traveled has been paved with danger, death, and deception.

Roxanne grew up as part of the MC, a victim of her birth. Her life has been treacherous, setting her on a course of torment and destruction.

When our worlds collide, secrets are revealed. Trying to save us from damnation, I fight for redemption and the woman I love.

You can purchase this book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

My Review: 


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