November 27, 2014

30 things to be grateful for

Happy Thanksgiving to all! In light of everything going on in this world, it’s hard not to focus on the negativity. Now, especially now, we need to focus on the positive. The light at the end of the tunnel. Your rainbow. Your happy place. Your good vibrations.

With that in mind, here are 30 random things that I am thankful for because they make me smile.  Some small. Some big. But all bring me joy……

November 25, 2014

bookworm review: off the record by k.a. lindle

Off The Record by K. A. Lindle Teaser
I randomly stumbled across Off the Record once I signed-up for Kindle Unlimited and was so glad that I found it. Just wow! I became a new fan of K.A. Lindle instantly. She's awesome! 

This book was about the love story between Liz Dougherty, a journalist at UNC, and Brady Maxell, the local politician with his eyes set on becoming the next House of Representative from the Fourth District of North Carolina.  Could they find love? Could their love endure the strains of running a highly publicized campaign? Not if his campaign staff have their way. This book was a real page turner. I just had to know what was to become of their clandestine love affair. 

Liz: I commend her. I don't think I could have been someone's secret. That was a lot of pressure to keep a secret from everyone around you. 

Brady: I wanted him to grow a pair. Either you wanted to be with Liz or you didn't. That flip flopping mess was for the birds.  

Damn. I just really wanted Liz and Brady to get it together.  

My ratings: 5 stars

Time it took to read: 1 month only because I was reading other books for the blog. This was a Kanae pick. 

Yes, I would recommend it especially if you ever wondered what a secret romance would be like with a politician. BTW...this book was the first book in The Record Series and ended with Liz making an important decision. I can't wait to read On the Record, the second book in this series.

You can buy this book on Amazon, and it's on Kindle Unlimited.

November 24, 2014

release day blitz: winning appeal (lawyers in love book 4) by n.m. silber

Winning Appeal by NM Sibler
Once upon a time, a good girl who wanted to be naughty, met a naughty boy who wanted to be good...

Beth Pierce, is the Director of Fundraising for her older brother's new legal non-profit. She spends her weekends fighting off lecherous men at charity galas and her weekdays trying to hide her attraction for a certain sexy young attorney in her office.
Mark Patterson, is the object of Beth's desire. He spends his weekends having casual encounters with women and his weekdays trying not to think about how gorgeous, smart, and sexy Beth is. Because not only is Beth his colleague, she's the younger sister of one of his closest friends.
When Mark is assigned to escort Beth to those weekend galas, they both quickly realize that things could get very interesting. Will Beth be as naughty as she would like to be? Can Mark be as good as he wants to be? Even if they give in to their desire for each other, how can they risk romance when so much is at stake?
A companion novella will be included with this edition in January 2015. 
You can buy this book on Amazon.

have you seen warby parker's winter 2014 collection?

Have you seen Warby Parker's Winter 2014 Collection? Haute! 6 new tones. 8 new shapes. Such a fresh collection. They mixed mediums, added some colors, and reimagined your favorite frames. To shop this collection, visit Warby Parker, and if you're in Chicago, visit the Frame Studio

P.S. Check out how I styled my favorite frames....

bloggers got style too! (november 16 - november 22)

Please enjoy my favorite looks of the week....


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