May 26, 2012

30 things about me on my 30th bday


0 Things About Me:

1.        My name has a Japanese origin
2.       I learned how to read and speak Zulu in college
3.       I got my first Coach purse in 3rd Grade
4.       My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice
5.       I love love love cotton candy
6.       I am deathly afraid of the big blue monster i.e. water over 4 feet
7.        I have 7 tattoos and getting my 8th in June
8.       Since I’ve graduated, I’ve worked at 8 different companies
9.       I love spinach because of Popeye
10.    I love pretty bows and stripes
11.     Try A Litter Tenderness always makes me feel better
12.    The first Jay-Z album I bought was not Reasonable Doubt but In My Lifetime, Volume 1
13.    I started Pearls and Peacocks because I love to write
14.    I love old school movies especially those with Audrey Hepburn. My favorites are Love in the Afternoon and Breakfast at Tiffanys.
15.    I have attended at one point U of I, Northwestern, and the  Art Institute of Chicago for school
16.    Two women I adore in fashion: June Ambrose and Rachel Roy
17.     I like to name my possessions:  iPad (Nicki), phone (Kobe), TV (Big Ben), laptop (Dre), wedding dress (McKenzie), reception dress (Vera)
18.    I want to open an e-boutique for jewelry and a wedding boutique
19.    I don’t make new friends easily so I am happy that I have added 4 new friends outside of my Whitney Young friends
20.   I am now obsessed with the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy (rereading now)
21.    I would love to go to Europe. More specifically London, Rome, and Paris
22.   #22 will always mean something to me because of May 1, 2005. Skee-wee!
23.   I was upset when I tore the picture of my first gel electrophoresis
24.   I had a quarter life crisis at 24
25.   I want to grow my hair out but hate the growing out process
26.   My soulmate and I share a birthday
27.    I have no patience to explain things to people
28.   My favorite food is BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and my favorite drink is a watermelon martini
29.   My legs and lips are my favorite body parts
30.   My favorite color is not pink but blue


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