June 3, 2012

me in a nutshell (the week of May 27)

This week I decided to add a new section to my blog entitled, "Me In A Nutshell!" Each week I'll post pictures of me, things I want or purchased, interesting articles, and haute looks. All of this is part of me trying to enhance my baby, Pearls and Peacocks, so I hope you enjoy!

#1 It was quite cool this week in Chicago, and there was a definite need to wear a sweater. I was feeling preppy so I decided to wear my favorite sweater from Old Navy and my pearls. If you didnt know, I love polka dots!

 For some polka dot options on those cool summer days, try these:

Forever 21 ($11.99)

Forever 21 ($16.90)

Anthropologie ($118.00)

Anthropologie ($39.95)

#2 I finally wore my bowtie from Julianna Bass. How exciting! Everyone loved it, and its now my new favorite accessory! I was looking for the perfect shirt to wear it with and found it while browsing the men's section at Target. Remember awhile ago, I mentioned The Shops at Target. Well this shirt is from The Webster Shop. It fits nicely, and I love it! 

Do you love it? If so, try these options: 

Penelope's Bow Ties at Esty ($35.00)

Penelope's Bow Ties at Etsy ($27.00)

Penelope's Bow Ties at Etsy ($35.00)

The Webster at Target ($29.99)

#3 Sooooooooooooo, I've been trying to do this one DIY project for the longest. My Gretchen necklace has been delayed because I kept looking for these brass rings. Well, I finally found them on Amazon and cant wait for them to come. My DIY project for the month will commence as soon as they arrive. In case you're wondering, here is my DIY Project aka the Gretchen Necklace that I previously mentioned:

#4 I read this awesome post entitled Head Trip. If you're wondering, the reason why I love it is because it gave me a new perspective on head scarves, something I've always been told was a big no no in public. Head Trip reminded me that the ever classy Jackie O used to wear them frequently so really how tacky could they be. I still wont wear them but if I do, please note I'll just be channeling Jackie O.

#5 I really loved this look. You could never go wrong with an all black look. This is the epitome of rocker chic and I adore it. 

For deets on the look, visit the original post Blackness! If you're loving this rocker chic vibe, then try these pieces:

Nasty Gal ($38.00)

Nasty Gal ($48.00)

Nasty Gal ($48.00)

TopShop ($64.00)

TopShop ($55.00)

TopShop ($38.00)

#6 I love her style. I love a good blazer and maybe thats why I love this look so much. Her style is flawless. 
For more on her look, visit her post Snapped: Olivia Palermo Headed Into NYC Event

Do you love her tuxedo-inspired blazer? Me too! Try these:

ASOS ($95.67)

ASOS ($480.10)

TopShop ($130.00)

Zara ($89.90)


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